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True Colors Lab Illustrations Award

True Colors Lab Publishing launch the first edition of True Colors Lab international contest for illustrators of Children’s books.

We are seeking for an illustrator to complete 13 illustrations plus the cover page of the second book of the Jayden's Funny Tales series by Tobias Mile which follow the acclamed Book published in October 2020 "Two Dads Under the Christmas Tree".


Grady Harp

Top Contributor: Children's Books HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER

5.0 out of 5 stars 



‘Love, with a capital L’

California author Tobias Mile (a pseudonym) is an artist as well as a man committed to human rights, or as he prefers ‘just a lover of Art and Beauty.’ TWO DADS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE is the first of a series of Jayden’s Funny Tales – Jayden being the adopted child of loving LGBTQ parents. The Tales will cover life in a nontraditional family, humorous stories about adoption, human rights, solidarity and respect for diversity.

Greatly enhanced by the terrific illustrations by Milan Samadder, this initial story of the series is most promising – and a fine production from True Colors Lab! ...........All of the story is related with excellent humor and genuine caring, a book that will help children as well as parents in appreciating and honoring non-traditional families – LGBT parents and their children. Very highly recommended. Read the full review here


A professional Jury will judge the works.

The winner receives 500 $ and the winning work will be published by True Colors Lab Publishing.

Apart from the winner, other entries may also be considered for publication by True Colors Lab Publishing. The award and the resulting picture books will be largely presented to the press. 


For many illustrators this award could be the beginning of a successful international career.

Read rules here!

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